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About Muzik Media TV

Welcome to the Muzik Media experience. This is your invitation to live the rest of your life in true style. We see ourselves as a movement, a revolution, not just another TV show. Muzik Media features Caribbean music, dance, art, politics, and business. In short it brings Caribbean culture to the world. Before Bob Marley, came Harry Belafonte (Actor, Calypso singer) before Belafonte came Marcus Garvey (visionary) and before him Prince Hall (Founder of the Black Freemasonry movement in the US). Caribbean people made and continue to make contributions to the history and culture of the world. We aim to remind the world. We aim for the forefront of the next movement.

Before Dancehall, came Reggae, before that Rock Steady and so on. Today Caribbean rhythms form the foundation of popular dance culture. Now, Maddzart is featured on a hit song by Kevin Little, Sean Paul on Janet Jackson and Beenie Man on every body. Moreover, Biggie Smalls, son of a Jamaican mother, is seen as the Don of Hip Hop music. Afrika Bambaata, also of Caribbean roots, laid the original tracks that would lead to the Rap revolution. Dougie fresh the human beat box, another Caribbean, is a major contributor to the foundation of rap. Today, Elephant Man is not only ‘pon the river, pon de bank'. He is everywhere, part of the mainstream of world popular music.

Muzik Media came about in an effort to document the history, chronicle the present, and share these developments with the world. It intends to be an audio visual parallel to trends in culture originating in the Caribbean and its growing Diaspora. The simple format of the show ensures easy viewing. Segments include the news, interviews, law and you, event corner and this is punctuated with music videos. Interviews cover diverse personalities from Wyclef to Grenada's Prime Minister, Dr. Keith Mitchell.

Its founder, Dexter Pembroke, dreamed of a vehicle through which the world could learn about things Caribbean. Observers note the rise of the Caribbean population in the United States and see this as reason for Muzik Media. However, the Caribbean and its culture form part of the world and Muzik Media is here to ensure the world never forgets it. We assembled a team qualified to bring you the best.

Caribbean influence on culture extends to world politics and business. Caribbean influence belies its relatively small size and population. With the rise in the Caribbean population abroad, came a rise in political power. That power is reflected in the number of elected or appointed officials from the Caribbean. From, Alexander Hamilton (Founding father) to Shirley Chisholm (first woman presidential candidate in US), from The Honorable Constance Baker-Motley (Federal Court Judge) to Baroness Amos (Former Press Secretary to Queen Elizabeth) and Colin Powell. While members in the Diaspora achieved their dreams, compatriots at home made history. Bob Marley's message and music touched the world and laid the foundation for the modern explosion of Caribbean music. He traveled the world with his music. With the help of technology Muzik Media intends to travel the world.

Stay tuned. Learn things about yourself.  Don't take my word. Check it!
One Love

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