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Richie Spice Interview:


Richie, I believe tonight you were the best thing out there so far. Where you get that from?

RICHIE: Well its just a natural thing. It runs through my family because from
Pliers theres Shaka Demus, Spanner banner, Richie Spice and my younger brother Shasha, you know so its just a natural thing. Always make sure when you put out music you, put out the best music with the best beat for the people. Right now, when you respond to the people, on certain level you have to make sure put it out progressively. Its for the youths
meditation and you have to try to uplift them in the battle field. The youth of today are the men and women of tomorrow, so if you dont build them up in a positive direction, later down the road, they are going to bear judgment. You know its just a power still.

MZK: Usually, a voice like yours is found singing love songs, why this type of music. Whats your influence?

RICHIE: Well, my voice is just a natural voice still. You know it just manifests through the whole lineage.

MZK: What can we expect from you in the near future, what you got coming out?

RICHIE: Well right now, Richie Spice has been doing a lot of work out there. I have
a new album thats coming out right now, SPICE IN YOURLIFE,. Everyone should get one, because if you dont have a little spice in your life, your life will be miserable. So, I just work all over the world to spread the message for the youths.

MZK:I know your working with your whole crew, but is there somebody you would like to work with if you got the opportunity?

RICHIE: Well, Richie Spice, I will work with anyone still, as long as they deal with
upliftment. Upliftment, for the whole reggae music. Upliftment for the whole
nation, but I am willing to work with anybody still.

MZK: There you have it from Richie Spice.

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