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Admiral Bailey, Yellowman, Allison Hinds, Coco Tea, & many more live
Mavado Live in LA courtesy of Hype TV
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Coco Tea & Richie Stephens chatz with MZM


mzm: It was wicked

Coco Tea: Yea man, give thanks yuh and praise to the most high yuh nuh.

mzm: The people loved it.

Coco Tea : Give thanks yuh nuh.

mzm: The combination with you and Richie Stephens is crazy.

Coco Tea : Crazy crazy crazy yuh dun know.

mzm: What actually keeps you going?

Coco Tea: Well a just the people, yuh si how the people dem going on. When the people dem a gwan like that you know you can still go on cause dem still find .... so it just the people dat give I man the energy and fyah to just keep blazing.
mzm: That keeps you on going stage but what keep Coco Tea alive?

Coco Tea: Just the powers of his imperial majesty cause yuh dun know without the powers of
Jah your nothing so we just gwan hold the powers, gwan keep it straight and gwan work cause without the powers
Jah the people not striving with yuh.So i give thanks to the most high same way yuh nuh. Run up and down keep fit, juggle some ball and ride horses all kind of things.

mzm: Lets talk about the production dance hall rock, whats your take on it?

Coco Tea: Yea man its beautiful production. Yuh dun know Barrington is a youth wey a one of us in the business. He strive for perfection like I and I. He wants to see his things right yuh nuh. Nice Production and everything look sweet and under cntrol, we love it

mzm: Do you think that you would be hitting the streets as much now if you haven't done those combination with Richie Stephens?

Coco Tea. Yea man same way cause I man have a lot of things to come out. A just true we nuh like common up we self and come out there too much.Cause there is a lot of people out there you have to pick your spots and drop in a one thing now and then and come fourth. We dun have we name and the younger youths dem have to find dem self in the place to come tek over form I and I. We just gwan do our thing and leave the younger youths. We can take the market place anytime yuh dun see that we have it wi nuh loose it.

mzm: When was the last time you saw Lee Scratch Perry performance?

Coco Tea: Bwoy the last time i saw him Lee Scratch Perry was in sometimes last year in Europe.I never saw him performance in Jamaica yet but i saw him last year in Europe yuh si wey mi a seh.

mzm: Whats you expectation?

Coco Tea: Well mi have to just wait and see cause i don't know what he will come with tonight.

mzm: Do you think Jamaican is ready for it now?

Coco Tea: Jamaica ready for anything that's good anything wey name music wey can make dem move cause the people dem don't want
stand up dem want feel party vibe and dance. So once him have that way him have it lock.

mzm: You locked it tonight it was differently a wonderful performance, had an on cour. Richie Stephens up there.

mzm: Standing here with an uncle an insperater, a man that has always encourage me to go on and of course i always encourage Richie to give us the best of the best. Richie, i want t o start of with whats new for you?

Richie: Well, whats new for me, music is always new and always coming. There is so much going on i have some new songs in the arising, i have a new video its call Strenght of your love. we have some nice things going on.

mzm: Any tours?

Richie: Yea in Feburay me and Sanchez going on a tour, its by popular demands. We toured about a year and a half ago, the people love it so much dem calling for us again.

mzm: Tour is happening, new release is coming out but what i want to talk about is Covers for Lovers. how is it doing?

Richie: Cover for lovers was a necessary album, people always want me to sing certain classics and I've done it. It when over every well and it now a collectors item and i give thanks for that.Its doing very well.

mzm: A king is never normally recognize in his town now, i want to basically know who shows you much love foreign people or local people?

Richie: I'm very happy to say whenever I'm oversea or in Jamaica i get love, so i give thanks to the fans oversea or locally and the almighty. Big up every.

mzm: A colleague of yours having a show tonight, dance hall rock. What the vibes going out tonight?

Richie: Well Barrington Levy is veteran artist,a very good artist he's a promoter a very good promoter. I mean look at the production, look at the stage, the audience so great. I'm here tonight i'm not really on the show but we have to give support to my colleague's, yuh understand.
My show s coming up also Unity Splash so i'm here to suppost and Barrington will be on my show.

mzm: So that's the new year show?

Richie: Yea new years.

mzm: A big show to look out for Unity Splash in Westmoreland, the home town of Richie Stephens, We're here in the neigboring parish of St.Elizabeth.

Richie: We're in St. Elizabeth now were dance hall rock is happening and we're going 2 Westmoreland on the 1st of January.

mzm: Unity Splash

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