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I-wayne chatz wid MuzikMedia


MZK: Were here with I Wayne this new singing sensation. Everybody is calling you this new singing sensation, but it sounds like youve been around for a while, Tell us how long and what youve been doing

I Wayne: From about 95 I Wayne have been around and about 95 I started to take it seriously, but you know I love the music ever since I know myself in life. So its just a musical joy and its a ice you know I look forward to teach the people give them what they get not just what they want. Its just a yard tonight and I Wayne is naturally inspired by the Wayne so burn dirty Religion which is causing so much division and confusion in the world its a simple fire

MZK: Tell the people what you mean when you say dancehall done turn whore house. Are you talking about the people the artist or the music?

I Wayne: Both the people and the music. Because you know from the people not dealing it up right the music is not dealing right. The music now is just chant it up, and the people have it ah yawn and sell it out to the people so they have to keep it clean and upright you know and dont turn it into a whore house, we dont sell out; vagina ting ah gwon. Ah no sell out ting ah gwon. Just excel so thats what Im talking about when I say whore house and de two of dem ah revel out de dancehall. Make it look like a little selling and market place for selfishness, so I just laugh at them.

MZK: This big hit you have out now One Man Cant Satisfy Her when you started to create this song, where you thinking about HIV AIDS awareness or are you just chanting what you usually chant?

I Wayne: Yeah just an international fire, you know fire the black woman you know from Jamaica to Europe to Ethiopia same way to Asia. So its international ting its not just for the girls in Jamaica because its more than one place in the earth thats living that way and they know its true and they know they should stop and they know they should live up. (Singing Parts of Satisfy Her)

MZK: When I listen to you I cant really tell what your influence is. What is your influence what music or CD you have playing in your car right now?

I Wayne: Well What I really listen to is some Mighty Kulangee and some Mighty Sade, and some Mighty Marcia Griffith, Lee Brown and dem ones just to name a few of what de I ah listen to. I Wayne naturally inspired by de Wayne and music so easy so I just flow with deh wind and just say what it is, so me nuh really have feh take a pen and put it pon paper. Me just look pon it and just set it and just ice it up within the ice and just keep it.

MZK: Is your CD is on the market right now? What is the process?

I Wayne: I want try show you seh de demo and album is in the making. The little demo is out there and the people ah seh its as good as de album already you know but its just a little demo.

MZK: I had asked you before about One Man Cant Satisfy Her, where you thinking about HIV AIDS awareness or is it a social commentary thing?

I Wayne: Yeah Mon its a universal social I mental ice ting you see feh everyone you know seh ah nuh just feh one little girl or one little bwoy weh ah live ina de earth, as I seh dem ah deal with it universal. So from here straight to Ethiopia where in Nigeria where de AIDS ah eat off so much ah dem. But its not just ah AIDS ting disease overall ah cleansingness de I ah deal with. So I Wayne just purging feh deh whole ah de nation feh deh whole of life. So just live up. (I Wayne sings unreleased lyrics)

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